About me

I am a professional software engineer with particular focus on client / server architecture. My primary technology base is in Microsoft products, specifically the Visual Studio, SQL Server and related product lines. My other technology strong points lie in web development and Linux systems.

I’m continuously training and expanding my fields of knowledge. This lets me offer my customers options they may not yet know about, or never knew were an option. Currently I’m training for cloud computing on the AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms. These are clearly key new technologies which radically change how entire systems are designed, developed and maintained.

But there is more to programming than understanding the technology. There is the art of programming itself, because programming starts with people, meshes with communication and discipline. This is something easily overlooked and very hard to quantify or measure. This covers “soft” aspects like:

  • how easily can others read the code?
  • is the code expressive?
  • does the code follow good programming principles like SOLID?
  • do developers communicate well with each other?
  • can a process or the code base be made simpler?
  • does the developer understand the business logic?
  • can the developer listen?

This is where my experience sets me apart from the rest. Years of listening to my customers needs and concerns, offering advice, presenting possible solutions and respecting their decisions let me bridge the gab between requirements and solutions that suit the customer.