Warehousing Management System

  • Customer base
  • Article sortiment
  • Kanban processes
  • Adhhoc orders
  • Freight / Transportation
  • Resupply assessment
  • Inventory (yearly & continuous)

Training Requirements Software

  • import and export functions
  • Web based
  • Search index for auto completion when filling out forms
  • XML / XSLT Transformations

Reporting Services Dashboard

  • KPI Change reporting
  • Automated data import and processing
  • Access management bound to ADS rights

Data Migration

  • Migration planning and implementation
  • Automated application of change scripts
  • Tracking of all changes
  • Associating scripts and their changes
  • Parallel Migration of multiple Databases in multiple countries
  • Data cleansing

GUI Performance Optimization

  • Automated data validation to safeguard against new types of errors
  • Guarantees better understanding of the business logic
  • Database comparison tool